Help wirh database configuration... urgent (SOLVED)

Dear guys, i need some urgent help here… I installed SQL server 2012, without problems, i configured a database isntance without problems, and then as last step I changed the database connection string in SAMBAPOS… now here is the problem… for some reason the database connection string is wrong, and now i cannot acces the system to change it or to revert the state to continue using sql ce…

is there any way to manually change this in a fast way?


[UPDATE] It was as easy as entering the new data connection string (SambaPOS4.sdf) and start using it…

now, my problem is that it seems that the conenction string is ok, but for some reason samba will not connect to sql server… will try one more time now that I know that its esasy (THANKS SAMBA TEAM) to revert settings!!!


What is your current database connection string?

Thanks Jhon, my connection string should be:

localhost\SAMBAPOS4; User Id=sa; Password=sambapos

what I dont know if I have to use the “Data Source=” string, seem I have to, but i was not sure…


Dear John, I used the whole Data source text and it worked!!!


now I have to figure out how to import all my data from the CE database to the SQL database!!!



Check in the and as some people have migrated from CE to SQL.

Good it seems you solved your issue. We are away from office for an event so our forum activity might be low for three days.

YES!!! Thanks, with some help of @JohnS and some trial and error we did it…

now I face the connection problem with the terminal… seems that I am stucked, I managed to make it work ONE time only… so there is some problem between ports and firewall for sure, but cannot figure it out…

Thanks again!!!