Help With Ask Question Action

I want to setup an ‘Ask Question’ action to ask if a receipt needs printing after payment has been processed.

Has anyone set this up that could give me a guide?

I have created the following

Ask Question action with Buttons Yes,No
Automated Command that Executes receipt print job

I have changing my payment processed rule to include the ‘ask question’

but it doesn’t appear to work as I want. I am limited with the time that I can spend figuring it out as I haven’t got a spare test machine to play around with and cant work on this when we are open, so anyone who has setup similar that I could use as guide would be a great help.

Many Thanks


You included the automation command in your Ask Question Action?

In your Automation Command Executed rule add custom constraint Command Value equals Yes and then add your print bill action

If you want it to do something else when you press No :make another automation command executed rule. Set command value to No and then put any action you want it to do if you press No.

Using Ask Question Action to decide if a Bill is Printed.

Print Job:

Automation Command to execute via Ask Question - no mapping required:

Action to Ask Question:

Rule to capture Payment Processed and fire Ask Question action:

Rule to capture Ask Question Automation Command and fire Print Job action:

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cheers @QMcKay I will crack on and give this a go today - I think I was almost there! but can now see where I was going wrong! I needed another rule :slight_smile:

thanks for your help !

Have a great weekend