Help With Base unit reports and inventory

Hi Guys,
so i have a scenario where the restaurant is selling alcohol in tots(shots) & bottle
we have inventory setup in tots (shots) is there any way we can get reports to show in Bottle and warehouse because when they are doing Physical inventory they always have issues converting tots(shots) to botle
when purchase we do have the options tots(shots) botle

i have upload some picture
i also want to Implement Neptune

You can get these details from Inventory transaction details, youll be able to report purchases in your other units.

If you want a consumption report, you will need make a query using SQL to handle base units and multipliers.

Well we are not too great with SQL
Will neptune help?

Neptune is branch and multi location software it has nothing to do with what you are asking.

I’ll give you an example of what you can do when I get to the office. Give me a few hours.

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Sorry I missed this. Here is the link I was referring too. Inventory CONSUMPTION: Inventory Items, Products, Recipes, and Order Tags

Please study this and it should help you understand what you can do.