Help with Combos and Draft Beer

Hello there,
I reach a point where I am almost done setting everything up the way I want it and it works for my restaurant but I am lost with Combos and Draft beer in how to deduct this items from inventory.

For example Combo 1 includes= 12 wings + 2 mugs of draft beer (customer can choose which type of beer) + fries.
Combo 2= 24 wings + a bucket of beer (6pzs) + fries (customer is able to choose the beer from different brands and mix them as they like)

Next day i have a promo 12 wings + drink for $99 (they can choose from a can of soda (Coke, sprite, fanta, etc), jamaica or iced tea).

How can i track all this variables??

1.- I need the waiter to be able to have reminders of the questions they need to ask (Type os sauce, beer and kind of dressing)
2.- When i select an item it needs to be deducted from my inventory.
3.- Since combos contain items from the kitchen and bar how can i make it print the food on the kitchen printer and beer in the bar printer

I was able to setup using tags, however they do not deduct from inventory. I read about creating a second recipe and adding it to the main one but at cero price but it is not 100% clear

Anyone that could point me in the right direction??


Yes order tags is the way to go. Did you mapped products to order tags?

You don’t need to separate it as food or beer. You can print full combo on both printers so kitchen and bar can understand order is part of a combo.

Hello @emre thanks for your help i was able to get it working

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Ruben_Arellano share your combo
setup please thanks

@diannurlia sorry I am new. How can I share my Combo setup??

Hi @Ruben_Arellano
Simply post screen shots of your setup customization like Order Tags created, sample product mapping, Rules created, Actions created, and maybe the end result in the Ticket screen :smiley:

You can post screen shots here by simple using a windows tool like the “Snipping Tool” and use the Upload button to upload your image. It will help other forum users and you might get some useful tips on improving your design!

Snipping Tool Icon (short cut created Windows 8.1)

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It can even become a tutorial which is a testament to your work.


Or just copy and paste (Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V)