Help with Creating Action & Rule for Entity State

Hello everyone.
I would like to be able to see a different entity state when tickets need to be merged for the table.
Staff may not realize that in order to complete the moving of an item from one table to another, the tickets need to be merged on the selected table.

Currently I have only been able to get the new state to show after I have merged the tickets. However, I would like it to show the new state before the tickets needs to be merged.

Would someone be able to help me with the correct actions/rules for this process?

I hope that makes sense. I’m still learning all of this…

Thank you

Hello @D.Rose

Welcome to the community!

It sounds like you have some custom configurations. Unfortunately, you have not provided enough information for us to help you. Could you post some screen shots of your setup with explanations.

You can use the “Print Screen” key on your keyboard to a screen shot then paste into the reply box of the form. Or another alternative is 3rd party program to screen shots (ShareX or Greenshot are popular ones).

Thank you for the welcome.
Nevermind my question! I figured it out :blush:

Be very careful with manipulating states. Expecially default states. THese control the flow and accuracy of the POS functions and if you are not 100% sure in what you are doing you may interupt this and get undesired results.