Help with departments and terminals

My business setup is a follows:

Bar. Serves beers, cocktail, wine (prepared at the bar) and snacks (prepared in the kitchen)

Restaurant. Serves beers, cocktail, wine, non alcoholic drinks (prepared at the bar). Food (prepared in the kitchen). Deserts and non alcoholic drinks (prepared in the restaurant)

Kitchen. Prepares food for restaurant and bar.

I have a terminal, that doubles as a server in the restaurant and one terminal in the bar. Each location has a networked printer. Tablets will be added to the restaurant for the waitresses to take the orders at the tables.

I have set up Print orders for each printer and mapped to the relevant terminals, so that all orders go to the correct printer. My next step will be ad the tablets. Under print jobs, it is possible to map to departments, so I have created a Restaurant and a Bar department, but I cannot find a way to map terminals to department, or map anything else to department for that matter. is there an easy way to do this, or do I need to clone the Print Jobs and create one for each terminal?

My second problem is, that even though I’ve set up a Bar department and chosen the default menu (alcoholic drinks) I can’t get the terminal to start in that department as default, how is that done?

Thirdly. I would like my end of day report to show sales by department, is there a way to set this up?

Thanks in advance

If I remember you would do this through ticket type… not used multiple ticket types but from memory they are intertwind along the lines your talking. Not at pc to check.

That appears to be true, however…

Departments can have their own Ticket Type, Menu, Warehouse and Ticket Creation Method.

A Ticket Type will have a default Menu assignment, but you can also assign a Menu per-Terminal.

Print Jobs have Department and Terminal as part of their Mapping, so you may not need to clone the Job; just add a mapping and set the filters as you need.

Automation Commands and Rules have Department and Terminal as part of their Mapping… in fact, any component of SambaPOS that has a Mapping tab contains these common filters.

Yes, Reports can be filtered by Department and/or Ticket Type.


Hi guys, thanks for the help.

I’ve played around with it for a while now, and all terminals and users are mapped to departments.

But I can’t get my head around how to do a sales report by department.

Luckily, the standard ones showed sales by user, and since I only have 2 terminals and 2 users. That shows me what I need. But when I start to add tablet terminals, it won’t be so easy.

Any help?