Help with Discounts

I followed DISCOUNT - Any Item - Ask Custom Amount by @QMcKay. This works the way I want for 1 item. With multiple items I would like it somewhat different. When I add multiple items I would like to discount the 0.96.

Using @QMcKay when I discount the 0.96 it discounts all 4 items. I know this is what it is suppose to do but is it possible to discount the 0.96 for multiple items. As you can see it discounts 3.84.

Discount 0.24 then. :wink:
You can use {QUANTITY} x {ORDER TAG PRICE} to show total discount.

Discounting by 0.24 is what I am trying to avoid.

If the ticket has multiple discounts will that give total

I don’t understand.

The 0.96 part after : is order tag note so, you can put anything in there doesn’t effect any calculation.

If you uncheck Add Order tag price to order price in Order Tag, you will see the order tag price display on the right side. This the the real number that effect the price.