Help with implementing time clock from Knowledge Base

Hi Everyone,
I was trying to implement 4.14. How to Set Time Clock Implementation? – SambaPOS Knowledgebase on the latest SambaPOS which is 5.3.2. Does it still applies to 5.3.2 version ? I am reading and trying last whole week with all the forum post’ solutions in this regard.But no luck.
I am quite new to SambaPOS (But am following the forum since 2016 and reading all weekly mails and discussions)

I read from Jesse’s post samba pos is working to implement 7shifts also. In the mean time i would be rally happy to look into Time clock implementation.

Any advise really appreciated.

Hiya emin. I’ve changed your post from the category V5 Tutorial to V5 Question as your post is not a tutorial but about the implementation of one.

I’ve also changed your title to something a bit more descriptive for your post. Let me know if you’d like it to be something else.

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