Help with person count tutorial

Hi Jesse, I followed your post to implement Person Count by Keypad Prompt , it works perfectly
But when i press OK from the keypad, the process proceeds to adding Items. I want to force selection of value greater than 1.

Adding a constraint on Create Ticket rule did not work for me

Any Ideas? Thank You

In rule constraints I have better luck converting to a number.

So {TICKET TAG:Person Count} becomes [=TN('{TICKET TAG:Person Count}')]

Hi @SHIELD i moved your reply to a new topic since that post was from 2015 it is now 2024 and I am not sure how your question was related.

Hi Memo, keyboard prompt still accept “Null” Value & Zero after using this [=TN(‘{TICKET TAG:Person Count}’)] in the rule constrain. Ticket is still created without person count. I can share more details on getting this done?

How does this logic work? Its not possible to load person count until after ticket was created.

  1. Ticket gets created
  2. Person Count ticket tag is set
  3. … ? …
  4. [=TN(‘{TICKET TAG:Person Count}’)] should return value assigned to this tag

However, you are trying to do 4. before the previous steps are done. Please explain how does this process of adding ticket work for you


The expression [=TN()] will return 0 if the tag is not set - it’s the default value for int, float, double, decimal in C#.

Okay, so I see you mention a prompt. I assume you’re using something like [?Persons]. If that’s the case, one can add regex to the prompt to constrain the input.

[?Persons;^[0-9]+$;;OCN] will show a number pad with OK/Cancel and only accept positive integer input.

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I want to restrict opening a table till a value greater than zero (0) is selected.
Currently, pressing on the OK & Cancel button gives access to tables.

Thanks for your support

There is no way to do that. You would have to let it open the ticket then use automation to close it if not enough selected.

Or use actual real ticket tags and mark the selection required option.


If you define them as actual ticket tags and create subtags like 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 etc so when they pick a number also set the Ask Before Creating Ticket option.


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Shoot, sorry. I forgot to remove some characters.

[?Persons;[0-9]+;;OCN] should do it.

You’ll have to pass that as a command value to whatever automation command you’re using to create a ticket (use the action Execute Automation Command to fire the command with value).

Jesse’s way will also work.

Another option would be to check if Person Count is set && > 0 on close and if not prompt for a count.