Help with printing Discount on a printed ticket

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Hey there,

I just finished putting in QMcKay’s DISCOUNT - Any Item - Ask Custom Percent onto my Samba. Works great.

I am having trouble with having it show up on a the customer’s bill/ticket. If some one could please show me what to type and where to type it in the template I would greatly appreciate it. I must apologize as I am very amateur at this as SAMBA is my first time writing any time of computer/report/printing code and I have no education on the topic.

I am using the basic “Ticket Template” provided in V5.

Thanks in advance for any help

Look at this thread it has a lot of template

I’ve read that and now I am more confused than ever. That "DISCOUNT - Any Item - Ask Custom Percent " procedure that I followed doesn’t use a calculation type but rather Order Tags, Actions, Rules and Automation Commands. Am I miss understanding or are these syntax not applicable to this way of discounting items?

[Total Gift:|{ORDER STATE TOTAL:Gift}]



Don’t even have to follow the link you can see how they use:

{ORDER TAG TOTAL:VIP Discount} replace VIP Discount with your order tag name (Discount Custom Percent, if you didn’t change the name)

I think I have it… or close to. I had to modify it a lot but at least I’m understanding it better. I even managed how to get a Sub Total and Tax line.

Thanks Sukasem. I appreciate your help.