Help with printing specific entity data in reports


I’m fairly new to custom reports, as I never used it in v4. I’ve tried tinkering around with it and following the basic guides however seem to have hit a brick wall and could use some advice.

I have implemented Emre’s “Custom Delivery Package v5” which uses drivers assigned as entities to tickets. I have managed to incorporate google distance calculation as well which returns the driving distance in km (or miles). I pay my delivery driver based on the total distance he has driven in a night.

I currently have to tell the driver to keep each ticket (as they show the distance of the customer), then at the end of the day manually add each up to create the total and pay him. What I would like to do is create a report that shows the total miles driven of the driver based on the tickets he was assigned. Is this actually possible in the custom reports module? So far I’ve just managed to receive a lot of 0.0 amounts. Is it the fact that the Drivers are one entity, whilst the distance is a custom field under the customer entity? :sweat_smile:

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Showing the distance as a custom field under Customers:



If you store distance as a ticket tag or ticket state inside ticket you can use custom reports module to sum these numbers.

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