Help with Specials Menu

I offer a special menu, one is 2 courses for £18 and the other is 3 courses for £23. The 2 courses can be starter and main or main and dessert. I will not know if customer wants 2 or 3 courses. So I presume 2 courses and need to switch to 3 if they want dessert.

I tried this with order tags but the workflow is not right. I created products called special1 and special2. I then setup portions for 2 course and 3 course. I then setup order tags for the starters, mains and dessert.

the problem with this is i cannot switch between 2 course and 3 course once the ticket is submitted to the kitchen. the other problem is if 2 people come in and they want the same starter and the same mains. I have to add each customers order separate.

Is there any way I could do this by adding a separate menu for specials.

I think the way you setup with order tags and portions for 2 course and 3 course would work fine…

I think you create another product that has the same order tags and set it for “extra course” with price of £5. Then if someone orders 2 course and wants to add another course, just add that product on.

Obviously this is very basic and not taking into account any limiting of order tags and also not taking into account stopping staff adding 3 courses on a 2 course price, but I imagine it’s the same as you have right now setup for your portions method.

Just add the order for the first person, then use the + button at the top left when the item is selected to increase the quantity for the whole order. You can also press 2 before the item then will add everything as qty 2.

Possibly £5 Starter, £12 Main and £5 Dessert products?
Wouldn’t look as pretty on the receipt but then ‘extra course’ wouldn’t.

That might work. Is it possible to add numbers to order tags.Lets say soup of the day is an order tag. can I click 2 x Soup of the day like you can with products. This would be mainly for the kitchen printer

Yes you can but you will need to update your printer template.

Also if you want to add 2x soup to the same product, you will need to make sure you set the max quantity of the order tags to either 0 or the maximum you want to allow (the default is set as 1 when you add a new order tag).

On your printer template you can have something like this for the [ORDER TAGS] section:

-- Format for order tags

bear in mind if you ever try and report with these tags that if you did

2x Two Course

  • 2 X Soup
  • 1 X Beef
  • 1 X chicken

This would actually be 4 soups, 2 beef and 2 chicken inventory and report wise.