HELP with TSP100 ignoring formatting


We recently deployed Sambapos4 and love it but I am having a very odd issue when printing the Kitchen order tickets.

I have 2 Networked Star TSP113LAN printers, they print just fine but when I edit the template for the Kitchen Orders I am not getting any changes on the printed ticket.

I am simply adding the <EB> and <DB> tag around the {ORDERS} Section but nothing changes.

I have tried setting the printer to HTML, Ticket, and Windows Printer.

On my machine locally here I was able to make changes no problems with a laser printer attached for testing.

It is important to note that when print a test page to the printers from windows, print a test from the Star TSP configuration utility, or print from the previous POS system it is crisp clear and dark. Printing from Samabapos I get very light text regardless of my changes. I was able to change the template for the bill printer in the same fashion and that one prints nice and dark.

Any help on this would be appreciated.


Here is my template which does work to increase the size with my lazer printer - tried it with the TSP100 no luck still prints in the same fashion.

-- General Layout
<L><b>Ticket Number: {TICKET NO}</b>
<L><b>Table: {ENTITY NAME:Table}</b>
<L><b><font size="3">{ORDERS}</font></b>


<L>     * {ORDER TAG NAME}

It is converting the html above - basically have a font size and bold html tag around the {ORDERS} and other sections.

It might be working on Star Emulation mode. Try switching to ESC/POS emulation mode.

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