Help with Yes/No Question Rule

I am setting up a popup question ‘would you like to print customer receipt’ with yes and no answers.
I appear to be having some trouble with setting the rule for the No button as it still prints the receipt when pressed.
I think I need to put something in the constraint?
I have looked through the previous questions and am struggling to find the answer.

If anyone could please provide a link or help it would be kind… :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

You will need to create a new rule that the Automation Command Name field needs to point to in the Ask Question action.

The new rule will be an Automation Command Executed with a constraint of the Automation Command Name equal to field from the Ask Question action. And also a constraint of Command Value of “Yes”. Put your print job in the new rule.

The way you have your rule setup now, when a payment is processed it will show the question, once answered (regardless of the answer) it will continue down the action list, which is the Execute Customer Receipt Print Job action. The Ask question is not pointing to another rule, that is how the ask question works.

If you still need help, show screen shots of your Ask Question action.

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In your ask question “Ask to Print Receipt” you need to create an Automation Command Name, then create an execute automation command rule using the name you created and using the answers Yes and No as the command values (2 rules 1 for yes and 1 for no) with actions to print receipt under the yes rule, and no action under the no rule

So my example below I have an ask question that triggers when an order is added to the ticket and the customers account balance is zero, the questions asks if you want to add funds or cancel the order.

The auto command name is set as “Account Limit Reached - ASK” which we use in the rule that triggers the action from the button presses

Rule when the Cancel Order button is pressed

Automation Command Executed Rule
Matches ALL

Custom Constraints;

  • Auto Command Name (the name you added in the first rule, in this case “Account Limit Reached - ASK”
  • Command Value (the button name you set in the first rule, case sensitive) in this case “Cancel Order”

In my case the actions fired it an auto command to void all orders which cancels the whole transaction as they dont have enough finds in their account and they didnt topup their funds to continue the transaction

In your case your command value will be Yes, with your print job rule as the action so when yes is pressed it prints

the second rule will have command value No, with no actions so the ask box will just close

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I did it! :partying_face:
Thank you both so much! :pray: