Hi , everybody, Is it possible to

Is it possible to add another computer and share the Dbase from the server, i couldn´t find where can I add manualy or share de Dbase.
Also I could not change directries and products name´s.

Thanks to all for your cooperation

Have you not tried searching? Thats been asked many times…

To run multiple terminals you need to use SQL for the database not localDB or CE etc.
See kendashs SQL setup tutorial…

Do you mean your changing the product names of the sample products and the button headers are not updateing?
This is a feature of samba in that the button doesn’t not need to be exactly the full product name.

You make a product and add it to the menu.
Menu is where the product buttons in POS screen are configured.
I presume what you mean by directories you are changing the product group in the product settings and expecting this to change the menu category?
FYI by default;
Menu Products (products inserted into the menu) are the green buttons in POS screen
Menu Categories (groups of products which I presume your referring to as directories) are the orange buttons in POS

To add to menu (POS Screen)
Make your products
(Go to Products --> Product List)
Configure your menu
(Go to Products --> Menu List --> Select your menu (Menu is default)
There you will see a list of categories and whole bunch of options to configure.