Hi I am looking for a basic end user manual in english for v5

Hi I am looking for a basic end user manual in English for v5

There isnt a manual, this forum is the “manual”. Due to how flexible samba is and how many different configurations there are, and the different ways in which people have adapted the software there isnt manual.

Everything you need is in the forum and anything you need help with just ask and someone will help. This isnt the type of software you read a manual and use, its unique in that you learn how it works and customise it to your needs


Yep, don’t give up @Brett_Westphal it’s been a real learning experience for me too, but totally worth it.

Check out what I wrote in reply to a similar question in this post. Also, check out the wiki that QMckay links to from this post too…

Enjoy your time learning. Remember, we’re all here to help…

Guidance on how to start using SAMBA POS step by step


When I first arrived at this forum, I was overwhelmed too with the information, and the lack of a “users’ manual”.

But, the leaders of this forum are most responsive, and help you out with your smallest doubts.

My suggestion is to download sambaPOS, then decide the customization you need, and start searching this forum for solutions. eg: different tax rates, adding service charge, etc;

For every requirement of yours, there is probably a post which exists with the answer.


All support documents are on kb.sambapos.com