Hi I got a Problem

I used DB tool to export form one pc to and other my comads and i got duplicated some buttoms… and now I don’t remeber or know where to delet them… also I dont know how can I copy the menú to third pc… I exported the comands but i dont know how to do it with the menú… I’m upload a photo with the duplicated buttoms they are in spanish and the duplicated and english…

You did not get duplicated buttons you imported your buttons which were renamed so it just added them to your Calculation Selectors and Payment types. If you rename anything and them import them into a stock setup it will not replace it will just add them to it.

So it looks like you renamed Cash and Credit Card payment types to Effectivo and Tarjeta Credito and you attempted to use wrap command with the Tarjeta Credito payment type.

Also looks like you renamed Discount %

The buttons on the bottom are Calculation Selectors found under Tickets > Calculation Selectors

The buttons on the right are Payment Types located in Tickets > Payment Types

As for the Menu you can not export the menu using Database Tools you would need to use MSSMS to export it and script it into your new database. Example would be here:


tnx alot…as i’m an expert on software it take me some time to get into the program ag… so you saved me lots of hours of work…