Hi, is there a way to customize sambapos for a barber/salon shop?

Hi All, Is there a way to setup sambapos for a barbershop?

don’t want the the ‘close’ button in the pos menu and after settling want to print the customer receipt.

Thats all i need,


If just for till and not for appointments will be easy! :slight_smile:

@rayyanthameem You can remove the Close button by deleting the Mapping for the Close Ticket automation command.

To setup Automatic Print on payment:

Follow this for version 4:

Follow this for version 5:

To setup Automatic print on payment go to Manage > Settings > Configuration Tasks and run the Automatic Print on Payment task. You will probably want to disable the Print Bill button the same way you did the Close Ticket button as well since you wont need that.

When you run the task select your Payment Type and your Print Job. Run the task again for each payment type you use. Default Print Job is Print Bill

You can setup SambaPOS to do whatever you want. The sky is the limit. The more you study it the more you can do. SambaPOS even has some very advanced features to do cool things like accept twitter orders, build HTML applications to integrate into it, and whatever else we can dream up.