How to print bill when 'Cash' button is clicked on payment screen?

How can I get the bill to print when i click on ‘cash’ button on payment screen instead of clicking on ‘cash’ then ‘print bill’

also, On the payment screen I have ‘All’ button but when I click it, and click on ‘Cash’, the ticket closes, not allowing me to print the bill.

Finally, how do I remove buttons on the payment screen? I have a button which states the total cost of the order but does nothing when clicked on. (If the order total is 50, there is a button ‘50’ above ‘print bill’)

  1. dont think you can delete the button that shows the order button i think they are hard coded

  2. for the bill to print when clicking cash you need to create a print job action and a rule to execute the print job when the cash button in pressed (or set to print on payment processed with a constraint of remaining balance equals zero, so whatever method of payment you use the bill will print when payment is settled)

I am not sure what button you are talking about. Can you show a screenshot?

Hello, how can I change in the payments when you press cash button or credit card button to print_

add your print receipt action to both your cash and card rules, so that when they are pressed payments is taken but also the receipt prints

Set a constraint in both rules that remaining balance equals zero so the receipt only prints when the full ticket has been paid and not after everytime you press the cash/card buttons

thanks, but where is the cash and card rules? I can´t find these ones

if youve not modified the setup much, have a look at:

Manage>Automation>Rules and look at what you have setup under the Payment Processed option

You could just setup one rule under payment processed to print the receipt, then however you receive payment a receipt will print.

You will need a print job action that has the relevant receipt template assigned to it, then you add that action to a payment processed rule, and add a constraint of remaining balance equals zero

if you need anymore help just shout out, if needed we can post step by step instructions but it would help you to have a go yourself first to get familiar with how everything works and how you can customise it

thank you so much. I will try, if I can’t I will let you know.

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I’m really sorry. I can’t do it. Can you help me please. I saw many different things, really good while I was trying, but this I can’t. I really need your help

Look for an Action to Print Bill. If you don’t have one, create one.

Create a Rule to fire the Action when Payment Processed. Don’t forget to add Default Mapping; without it, the Rule is disabled and will not fire.

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you are amazing. Thank you so much. I will do it now!

Ok, already print but only when finish all bill. The thing I want is > ( just an example ) the first guest come to pay, he just want pay 3 beers, 1 burger. In the table I have 5 burgers, 12 beers, etc. I want him when he ask to pay, I select the products, and cash or credit card, then I see his bill with the things he paid. And then the table continue with the other products for the next guests. Thanks

That is a little more complicated. I helped someone several months back with a similar request let me see if I can find the post.

OK take a look here. It contains some stuff you may be able to use. You can modify some examples within this post and add a Print function that prints tagged orders only.

So, thank you, with your help, I saw the solution, just use the move button. Easy and perfect.