Hi l have one problem

Well I am sorry but you can not expect help with it if you can not give us more to work with. Its like asking me what color your hair is while your hiding behind a wall and I cant see you.

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l was using sql server local DB

You need to go to your local services and see if SQL Server is running. search for services and once open look for the service SQL Server ensure it is running.

Alternatively to find Services you can go to:

Control Panel > System and Security > Administrative Tools > Services


I can’t stop laughing!


Carry on.

The SQL Server LocalDB versions do not install as a Service; instead they are simply a Process called sqlservr.exe, which you should see in the Task Manager.

Besides that, the error indicates the DB Engine is running AFAIK. I don’t think you would get a message for Login Failed if the Process wasn’t running, but I could be wrong.

@leonardo077, do you have a file called SambaSettings_Backup.txt in the same folder? Can you post the contents of that file?

Also, do you know where the DB files are located? Are they in a User folder or in a “public” folder? There will be at least 2 files that you can look for: they have extensions of MDF and LDF.

The login is appears to be using Windows Authentication rather than SQL Server Authentication. This is also called a “Trusted” authentication method. (I didn’t know SambaPOS supported this, btw). If the DB files are in a path that has restricted rights (such as a User folder), you could get an Access Denied message, but I don’t think that is the issue here. Instead it is indicating that your Username or Password is incorrect. @leonardo077, did you change anything to do with your Windows Account?

Can you try right-clicking the SambaPOS program shortcut and select “Run as Administrator”? Does that work?

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You are right I gave bad advice very sorry. Follow what @QMcKay is showing it might help.