Hi l have one problem

an exception occurred while initializing the database. see the innerexception

Copy and paste the error text from the Detailed Report tab into the forum.

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This response really is for anyone that posts a question on the forum and is looking for help. @leonardo077 take a few minutes and read your forum post. Does that look like enough information for us to know what error your getting? It just says an exception occurred while it was trying to access the database and to see the innerexception…but we have no way to know what that exception is nor do we have access to see what the innerexception was.

Can you see how that would be impossible for us to help you? When posting errors or questions about SambaPOS you need to be as specific as you can and include as much information or screenshots as you can. Specifically when dealing with errors there is a tab that shows the actual error and a button to copy that error so you can share it with us.

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Cannot open database Sambopos4 reguested by the login failed

That is still not enough information. It could be a million things including you simply have entered the wrong login in the connection string or your database is not running/failed. Or it could be something else that is simple but we have no way to know that because you have not shown us enough information.

how to find detail report?

The error that popped up there is a tab that says Detail. Click on that tab. Or atleast give us a screenshot of it. We can not help you with something that we do not know or cant see. All we can do is give you what we are guessing it is.

The User Id and/or Password for the database might be incorrect. Check the Connection String in this file:


Within that file, you will see something like this:

<ConnectionString>Data Source=localhost\SQLEXPRESS; User Id=sa; Password=sambapos; Database=SAMBAPOS4;</ConnectionString>

In fact, if any of the parameters in that file are incorrect (Data Source, Database), it could cause an issue.

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Some information that might help us is stuff like:

What you were doing before the error happened.
Any changes you made before it happened.
Was it working fine before and it suddenly happened.
Did power go out or anything unusual happen?

Screenshots of the error are helpful. The text inside the Detail tab of the error is very helpful. What version? is it the latest 4.1.82?

Any of that information is helpful. If you can not figure it out with what we have suggested so far then we need more of that information otherwise we can only guess at it.

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it happened suddenly even l can not find program data on my computer

The ProgramData folder is hidden by default.

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This is really not what I meant by more detail. Hopefully the connection string helps you, if not then you have got to give us more information to work with.

<?xml version="1.0"?><SettingsObject xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance" xmlns:xsd="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema"><MessagingServerPort>8080</MessagingServerPort><TerminalName>Server</TerminalName><ConnectionString /><StartMessagingClient>false</StartMessagingClient><DefaultHtmlReportHeader>
&lt;style type='text/css'&gt; 
  font-family: 'Courier New', monospace;
  font-size: 11px;
&lt;/style&gt;</DefaultHtmlReportHeader><CurrentLanguage>en</CurrentLanguage><OverrideLanguage>false</OverrideLanguage><OverrideWindowsRegionalSettings>true</OverrideWindowsRegionalSettings><DefaultRecordLimit>100</DefaultRecordLimit><WindowScale>1</WindowScale><FooterHeight>0</FooterHeight><UseBoldFonts>false</UseBoldFonts><ValidateExitButton>false</ValidateExitButton><AllowMultipleClients>false</AllowMultipleClients><CallerIdDeviceName /><ScaleDeviceName /><AdditionalDevices>[{"Description":null,"DeviceName":"CID Show","Key":"oEZsM79TWUuFF1n5f3rbEw"},{"Description":null,"DeviceName":"CAS ER Scale","Key":"m1s2Fz5XH0Oc56Ih2LG6Uw"},{"Description":null,"DeviceName":"Custom Scale","Key":"YIrfsyD-e0mfwSeFlyF7Sg"}]</AdditionalDevices><AutoMigrate>true</AutoMigrate><TokenLifeTime /></SettingsObjec

Ok you are not providing us much useful information. It is going to be hard for us to help you. Please explain everything you did leading up to this error. Was it working ok before the error? Is it an actual error that pops up on the screen if so can you provide a screenshot of it?

The data you showed us tells us you have no connection string so this could be other issues. Are you using SQL Express or localdb install or compact install? Was it working fine? or is this a new install?

Can you answer these please?

l was useing the program 6 mounths everythink was fine till today
l dont know what happen

What were you doing before this error came up? Are you running SQL EXpress or did you install LocalDB version? Or are you using CE version? Also what version are you using is it the latest 4.1.82?

l dont know realy l am not very good abauth computer l have fast food place!

l use latest version