Hi need help with printing

G’day everyone
How can I make price stay on the right at the same line :confused:

Here is a Template

Thank you

Increase char count in printer setup

Hi @Jesse Its was set at 27 at the moment but if I increase it to 30
Result is like this


Try 28? Or 29? Maybe?

27 is maximum for me.If I put more it will start falling on the next line.
so I made a table for it. it seem to be fine but it just giving me too much
space between the products :neutral_face:


What printer type are you using?
You might face issues as expect that language is a non evenly spaced characters.

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I using HTML at the moment. I cant use ESC/POS to print in Thai language. I change character set to Thai but It printing in different language mixing with something.
HTML work fine in Thai but it hard for me to align the text . Using table it giving me too much space between the line.

Thats a trade off unfortunatly.
ESC/POS uses fonts with a constant width/spacing which makes alignment simpler and reason fo setting width as its not aligning to right its adding spaces to make line up to the set char width.
HTML as you say to use other language/fonts results in non uniform width and makes alignment very tricky with plain template formatting tags. You will need to use HTML formatting code with table to achive what you want.

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Use Document Printer, you can get much better results with non fixed space / non English languages. We use Document Printer for all our prints when not using English.

You read more about Document Printer and sample templates you can reuse:

Here are examples we did using Document Printer:


Thank you everyone will try :grinning:

Hi @markjw
I was wondering can you please tell me how to put an image
I try some thing like this but it doesn’t work.:confused:

<img src="C:\logo.bmp" width="100" height="100" border="0">

Using what printer type setting? That’s HTML lonking code.
<BMP> is the escpos line opening tag.

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Hi @JTRTech I’m now using document printer just trying to put a logo. :smiley:

Never used document type option but would guess it would use the escpos type expression as above with BMP and path to the file. Remember the path needs to be available to all machines so either a shared location or duplicated file on each machine.

Finally Its work using this :grin:

<Paragraph><Image Height="120" Width="120" Source="C:\logo.bmp"/></Paragraph>

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No it doesn’t

Yeah, exactly like you said it works like that.

The template I posted above has it like this:

<Paragraph TextAlignment="Center" Padding="0,10,0,5"><Image Width="200" Source="C:\SambaPOS\logo.bmp"/></Paragraph>

You need the attribute TextAlignment="Center" if you want it centred. The padding is not necessary, up to you I just left it in there for reference. You don’t need to specify the height but it makes no difference if you do.