Hidden Button (when fast menu selected) and Hidden Category Option Not Working

Hi @VehbiEmiroglu, seeing as were now getting some more updates and bug fixes is there any chance these two legacy bugs can be fixed?

  1. When a menu is selected as a “Fast Menu” the HIDDEN option for the button does not work. This works fine for a non fast menu. To workaround this in a fast menu you still have to create the buttons but colour them the same colour as the pos background, but these buttons still have an outline so you can still “see” them, whereas in a normal menu where a button is hidden it is completely invisible.

The image below shows a fast menu on the top and a normal menu on the bottom. You see the outline of the buttons ive had to create to place a keypad to the right. Without these buttons if i select them as hidden they act as though they are not there instead of acting as spacers and the keypad moves to the left

The bottom menu you can see where i have hidden a button and it correctly acts as a spacer leaving a gap before cancel button

  1. The second issue is that in the category settings there is an option to HIDE a full Menu Category, but selecting this option doesnt do anything

Ok i saw. And looking now. Thanks.

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@VehbiEmiroglu will these be fixed in next release?

@emre what’s your opinion?

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Done. We can include it on 5.2.9.

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Brill Thanks for that @emre