Hidden/Not reported/Not counted Tickets! NEED HELP

If the tablets have a windows home key, then that can be disabled, and that makes it even hard to be able to even go back to home screen. Another thing with home key they can do if its just simply a touch one, is put something that you can check to see if it has been tampered with.

The other thing is assigning tablet holder specific to tablet. Not been able to change tablet into other hands except who it is assigned to is another way of controlling and tracking fishy activity.

Best option is to use the security policy for the user that the tablet is using.


Changing the system time should be viewed as malpractice as they have no justifiable reason to do so.
If this was at the hotel here and I was unable to narrow down who did it I would give a serious general warning and implement a solution to prevent or pinpoint who it might be although we have a good staff and malicious intent would not be the initial presumption…

If facing potential of ‘problem’ staff I would immediately stop using general users like your ticket list implies (pos1 pos2 etc) and implement per staff users. This would send a very strong message that you are not accepting it and you are implementing solution to track down the culprit.
I would have suggested looking back through and seeing who rang in the first orders after the date was changed by ordering orders by number and seeing the first one which had a date out of alignment but given the generic users this doesnt help you…

If you believe it may be intentional you might consider a more ‘paranoid’ approach of implementing a solution to pin point the culprit without a general warning in order to catch them out as a general warning will likely cause them to ‘lay low’ for a bit.

I think it is a serious security issue, Samba related or not, If this security leakage spread among my staff, I will have a BIG PROBLEM how to control them NOT changing date … And of cause I talked and gave BIG Punishment rules for any “playing” on my PADs, but I cant be 16 hours behind any staff and watching them.

How to solve this problem?

First at all: The option not too leave Samba, maybe hinder some user, but you easy just shut down system and come back to windows home and on the tablets I use, you can switch screens by hold+wipe the Samba-screen or/and other “tricks” the young staff will find out leave Samaba and change the screen (thats why WINDOWS is called windows…, lol)

Second: I tried to find in Windows 8.1 Home Edition the “security policies” to restrict the “change date” option, but however I study some forum, its not available ! If ANYONE has a tutorial for Win81 Home, how block change date, I very much appreciate!! (I also found that link from kendash, but this mainly for Windows 7, and like I mentioned, cant find the policy rules in 8.1 Home)

Third: Maybe its a good idea for future version: find a way inside SAMBA to check and verify that ALL terminals have mutual system time/date of Server and block each Terminal who doesnt… means a kind of program running in background surviving the terminals and block terminals “out of date”!?

Thanks for all your comments and sympathy!

Best! Factory47

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That’s a good idea. I’m not sure how it would be done but that makes sense. However you should really focus on the problem. Your staff should have severe repercussion or termination if they do this.

On any systems we setup, we always have SambaPOS running with a standard user account on Windows that does not have admin rights on the system. Doing this, they cannot change the date. We are using POSReady 7 (like Windows 7) for the terminals but I am sure it’s the same in Windows 8.1 or 10. That’s really all you should need to do. I never had to go into group policies / security policies to do this, it just locks it down if the user is set as “standard user”.

Also, haven’t noticed anyone mention - do you have CCTV installed? If not already the case, make sure you have a camera pointed at the POS and can clearly show the screen, cash drawer and the staff member using it. Then, when you notice this, just check your recording and you should see them changing the date.

As another option, install this free software called ActivTrak - http://activtrak.com/ (there are a few restrictions on the free version but nothing that would limit you in this situation). You install the client on the POS and it is invisible to the user. You can then access via their website from another system and it will record the screen and everything the user does. It’s quite “big brother” but very good as you have all the evidence you need to confront the staff if you find out that’s the case. The software also has the ability to lock down the system - restrict app usage (so if you block Google Chrome, if they open it, it will just close again and also log it in the reports that they tried to open it.

Setup the standard User can be a solution.

Camera System we have, but we work with mobile cashiers on Acer PAD, so impossible watch them in detail “over the shoulder” with any camera.

I will check the software you mentioned,

Thank you!

Open a standard User OK, BUT if I want login need kind of hotmail account (I dont have) …

I tried with GUEST account, and reinstalled SAMBA there, but cant connect from guest to database, even I updated the data string, just not work!

WIn8 SUCKS!! :rage:

Another idea is to have server update program setting today date when work period start (message received event). And when ticket create check current date with program setting.

I have not try but I think {DATE:YYMMDD} read local machine date time.

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Does samba not auto start when you start up the till? You can add it to the startup folder.

Checking terminal date once does not solve the issue. As users can change date anytime we should check that for every date related operation and I think it is waste of network resources. You can simply don’t allow users to change date.

SambaPOS checks if there is a time issue on user login and displays a warning if it mistakenly changed. Also we have {SERVER DATE:<date format>} if you want to compare it with terminal date during automation.


On my PADs SAMABA not starts automatically yet, but like i said, its super easy on PADs switch screen from Samba and come to the time/date, only slide with 1 finger … so starting samba and “stay inside” doesnt work for tablets

It’s not a requirement to login using a Microsoft account. If you look when creating the account, probably at the bottom there will be a link that says something like “create local account”. It will then let you create a local account and there is no requirement to use a Microsoft account (like hotmail).

Also, here are the steps to create a Local Account on Windows 8:


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These type of ‘gestures’ surely have options in the control panel…

Ok, I try find out :sweat: thanks for ur Ideas, I will come back if I found the most suitable solution1

OK GUYS I have the solution! :grinning:

To open a LOCAL WIN 8.1 ACCOUNT, follow instructions on link above for Wind 08.1 , thanks markjw!

Then standard (local) user cant change or install anything without Admin PW :sunglasses:

But Samaba will not work, bcs The LICENCE is not recognized so must first login as Admin, login SAMBA MARKET, reassign licence, logout, restart SAMABA, login with standard user…



Actually some SambaPOS settings are held in user account folders, so are account specific. You should setup SambaPOS on the local user account of the user that will be using SambaPOS (i.e. the standard user with local account). The steps you describe are correct in the case when you use SQL Express, however if someone is using LocalDB, it is user-specific so it’s important to setup SambaPOS on the user account that will be using it.

If you do as you suggest, to re-assign the license, there may be a possibility that SambaPOS won’t work on the admin user. This is fine too - as it’s like I said above.