Hidden/Not reported/Not counted Tickets! NEED HELP

Hi Friends

The last days my staff did incredible high tip" when they payout the reported (settled) revenue. Up to 30% of the collected money seams to “be over”, Example, POS reported end of shift (work report) 6 Mio Revenue but they had 9 Mio in the wallets.
(My staff work by wifi - with 3 Acer PADs, Windows 8, using Samba V5.160)

So I checked the ticket by numbers (logged in as admin, show all tickets, by date and number) and YES MANY MANY ticket numbers are NOT LISTED and NOT REPORTED in the WORK REPORT, however they have orders and where PAID!

When I pick up each single ticket number I can find them, but they not “counted”

And the ticket looks “normal” I dont see any special issue!

Here you can see the workreport only sum up all listed ticktes to 6.014 mio

But if I manually list all not displayed tickets and calculate, them I sum up exactly to the real total (9.129) and my staff had no tip at all, poor them…

That means, if my staff would not have been so honest, I would have LOST 30% of my revenue!

And the day before, I had the same issue!! 5 ticket not displayed/counted, with around a total value of 1.5 mio (75$)

So WHY Samba not count these tickets ??

WHY?? Please help! Thats quit scary!! :cry:

So how did you know those exact tickets were not in the wp report? Looks like they could be preorders Or left open. whats different about them?

because all displayed tickets sums up exactly the reported Total and all not displayed tickets sums up exactly the Total m staff collected as “tip”, … you can see in the screenshot of my excel file (last picture)

So something is different about those tickets. need to figure out what.

Lol look at the date on the ticket. Someone is changing computers date. looks like your staff is messing with date on computer. Might want to investigate that.


OK I will check… I see the problem started on the 28.09, where I now see a huge GAP of tickets, more than 50 tickets not listed :confounded: (see 4388 to 4431, 4448 to 4458…) hic hic

Its obvious someone is changing date on computer. look at date of the ticket 4471 its dated 9/29/2016 tickets before and after are october.

You got someone steeling from you By changing date back or for some reason your changing computers date. If you look at older wp you will find those tickets.

Rofl look at the times on those tickets… someone is messing with computer date and time. I mean wow.

If he’s using tablets, there a slight possibility that the tablet times and dates are different.

I would highly check the accuracy of time and date on all the tablets, they should match the server time and date to get a more accurate reporting.

I noticed samba at the beginning tells you if there is a difference in time and date between server and clients, and then once clicked ok, the message goes away in a state of acknowledgement. I had a similar issue with my tablets setups, till I now make it a habit to ensure all tablets have same time and date as server machine to not cause conflict.

Also, depending on how you’ve got your states setup, i also noticed just like the issue i had before when i was setting up "Print Quote"button, which once the order is made up, it highlights all items, removes them and then closes the ticket. On close ticket, the ticket id goes up by one, even if it wasn’t a sale.

Looking at your tickets, i suspect something fishy is happening, but i cannot tell you what it is exactly. However I would first check to ensure all tablets have same time and dates,

Then I would keep an eye on how the employees are taking orders, are they putting stuff then cancelling? Because cancelling orders can also increment the ticket id up by 1 as well. It could seem like they are putting an order through, but not submitting it, then cancelling the ticket items till it closes ticket and puts ticket in a new state.

But should not SQLserver send me message!?? I remember one time I tried lock in with a PAD had different time stamp and immediately SQL told me, can not connect to the database when have different time!!?

its obvious whats happening so now you need to figure out how its happening. Its not sambapos related.

all my PADs show the same date and time, at least TODAY (and last night had NOT that issue)

U mean, that during running process (workshift) somehow or someone can change the time??

Whats hapening is date is being manipulated. if all tablets are synced now then that gives strong suspicion somone is manipulating it on purpose.

One thing is for certain. sambapos nor sqlserver can not change computer date time.

what a SHIT!! OK thank you… I will have an eye on it

If it is the case as kendash is putting it, then i would probably suggest setting up your tablets either at the shell level, or at least setup 2 things.

  1. Setup Samba to run as soon as tablet has restarted and server has restarted, and that the only way to exit samba is to insert admin pin.
  2. On Tablets, allow less control of what a user can do or view on tablets. E.G. mapping things like void, gift, whole ticket cancel(if its setup) or anything that you feel could tamper the ticket, to only be available on server terminal and that too to have admin pin.

At least that’s one of the things I would do if I saw anything suspicious happening.

OK, my staff PAD,s are already restricted and they only have access to POS and logout, all other links are grey…no ticket, no report, no nothing…

Void and gift ok I have to map, they still can use.

Thank you!

But have you set validate exit button in local settings?

Thing is changing date is not a sambapos function you need to restrict their ability to change system date

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I’m aware its not , my suggestion was to not allow the possibility of exiting samba in order to be able to make any changes. If that access to close samba is denied then it makes it harder to close samba and make changes. And making samba start with windows startup reduces the time a user has to even make the change.

He could also configure that lot tutorial I saw before which logs every action a user is doing in ticket screen to further track if there is indeed something fishy happening


With a touch screen and no keyboard its a more reliable way of restricting but tablets often have other hard buttons which may allow exiting via a home/windows button or gestures etc…
Locking down the windows user to a standard might help but not sure if standard user is prevented from changing time…