Hide Button when till in use - + how to do the automation

Just want my ‘Swipe In Member’ button only visible when the till hasn’t got a ticket open as itll automatically do it when its settled anyway.7

Needs to be there to swipe in other members who are just playing but not buying anything


Whilst thinking about it I’m not sure how to actually achieve the end result.

In my head this is how it would work, button is pressed to swipe in a member (When a member is swiped in on the numberpad it already tallys up the visit and the date they visited) I then swipe the card and it runs the automation for THAT member but doesn’t choose them…

any ideaS? :frowning:

program setting!

Lets give it a go

Edit: oh man, I cant work it out…

the other idea I had was to create a new department JUST for swiping in. on swipe, it selects entity, tallys up, sets date and then deselects entity and closes ticket


done it, all good.

Used the Change Entity Action
Head hurts

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