Hide Numberpad value when card scanned


Yh I tried that but cant seem to get it to work I put [:CommandValue] in Apply discount button rule in Amount but it doesnt work.


Show your working.
The prompt would be in the first rules command value field of execute automation command, the seccond rule with the automation command of the first rules action will receive the command value from the prompt and so command cvalue can be used in constraints.


Sorry my net wasnt working here is my layout.


Id suggest adding a show message or ask question to display command value to check if its your constraints or issue with command value itself.


nothing, I put a show message action in rule and put [:CommandValue] in command but nothing, only refresh ticket rule fires.


Take out that second rule constraint and test again.

Have you edited actions after adding them to rules? Actions a ‘cached’ when added to rule so editing after without removing, saving rule and reading they will still be as they were originally. This is the main reason I generally use generic actions with [:fieldname] expressions for all fields so I only need to work from rule side.


I presume the loyalty card entity is selected for the ticket before entering the prompt?


yes the loyalty card entity is selected and I put prompt in apply discount button rule in Amount section and the rules are firing but when I put [:CommandValue] in Amount section the value does not pass from the first rule execute automation loyalty where the prompt resides.


Arrr, I think your issue may be your [:CommandValue] as the name of the field in the action.
You cannot use a field name which is the same as a rule variable. V5 has a feature to prevent this. It makes the command value from the original automation command (the button rule).
Reconmedation is to use at least 2 work field label names with a space to prevent clashes as rule variables are either single word or without spaces.