Hide Order Tag on screen

I wonder if anyone knows a way to hide an Order Tag on screen?

In this example, I want to remove the Beef order tag from displaying on screen (as I will be combining it into the order state display format later and already have it printing combined with the item name). I want the same experience on screen to take up less space.


(printing example)

I have tried adding various things to the Display Format on the Order Tag Group, and I can make it “hidden” by setting <size 1>{0}</size>, however I end up with a blank line which is not what I want and also defeats the purpose of taking up less space…

I also tried <height 1>{0}</height> but that actually makes the whole order disappear!..

…and makes for some very strange behaviour…

Also entering just a space character into the Display Format field will give similar effect as <size 1>{0}</size>.

Would really appreciate any suggestions or if (hopefully!) someone has a solution? From searching I can see this has been talked about a few times in the past but can’t find any solution…

doesn’t the syntax work there as in entity type?
example [Name] - [Description]

No that syntax doesn’t work there, however that isn’t anything related to my question - I want to hide the order tag from displaying on screen, not alter how it displays.

I recall @JTRTech wanting to do something similar to this. I don’t know if he resolved it.

I thought maybe {999} would cause it to not even show as it’d be out of bounds for the arguments passed into string.Format() but that didn’t work.

Short of code changes, and adding a setting to the order tag group model, I think you’re SOL.

@Jesse told me he managed to find a way a while back but took a lot of experimentation, but can’t remember where he did it now

This may not be exactly what you are looking for… there is a row for the invisible order tag:

Here is the what I used:
<block 0,0,0,0 clear left 0>{0}</block>

Yeah I had this already (see the screenshots above), I used <size 1>{0}</size> which gave the same effect.

I think you can try as follows in the Display Format

<color white>{0}</color>
<color black>{0}</color>

<color yourbackgroundcolor>{0}</color>

Guys thanks for the ideas, but please check my original screenshots, maybe I wasn’t clear enough in my initial post but I can already get it to hide the order tag but it leaves a line of space. So does all these other solutions. I want rid of the blank line - I want the order tag to be totally hidden…

@Memo didnt you play with display formats for empty strings that didnt occupy a line some time ago? Maybe that can help mark?

Nah, the only thing that comes to mind was multi-lines for entity info display at the top of the ticket.