Hide order tags

@emre I would like to have the ability to hide specific order tags. Forgive me if this is already possible. Here is an example. I would like to hide the Combo Promo tag. It needs to still be attached to the order but I would rather just hide it so it doesn’t show at all.

I have hidden it on the printed tickets but it would be nice to hide it on screen as well.


I know this would be a wierd situation if someone enabled that and then couldnt figure out how to remove an order tag… if we can think of some solution besides just hiding them… maybe a workaround or something?
I tried some crazy formatting and it kind of works… i can hide it but it puts a blank space where the order tag actually is and then that doesnt look good.

One more request… notice the spacing on Onion Rings is off. It seems to have an extra space in front of it? That is a result of me changing the display properties of portions to read {PORTION} {PRODUCT NAME} via States. Is there a way to make it ignore that space if no portion exists?

Displaying combo promo discounts on screen was also an issue for @JTRTech. May I learn the reason of it?

My discounts issues we’re unrelated, I was using calculations. My issue was refreshing a manual calculations in specific senarios.

hi @Jesse was this option ever provided ?

No it was not. What are you needing to do? Maybe we can help

Exactly the same situation as you had.

I’m using an order tag to manipulate price but don’t need to show it on every single item on the screen.

So wanting to see if there was a way of hiding it.