Hide portion tags in tag screen

Is it possible to disable/hide the portion tag on the tag screen when an order is selected?

I would like to use the portions to implement a system for discounts/promotions/loyalty system which would be easier to configure.
The idea is to have (for each product) several portions such as: “base discount”, “VIP discount”, “student discount” etc. with a different price. This way I can have fixed discounts for each discount level which can be different for each product.
A customer could fall into a different discount level based on total sales in the loyalty system for example.

The problem is I don’t want waiters to be able to change the portions on the tag screen (it would be changed automatically through rules/actions based on Customer entity data).

If this is not possible, any suggestions for another way to do it would be welcome (I cannot use Custom Product Tags though, I’m using V3).

I just looked into Price Definitions and Price Lists, but it seems there is no way to account for the price difference when using these. I would like to be able to have the discounts accounted for in a Discount account.

@RickH couldn’t find your request topic but that seems like similar.

OK. I’m rolling that feature back. I’ll implement something that works on order level to be able to cover more cases.