Hide Portion Tags or unable to select an order

can we hide portion tags becasue i want to define two cost and i dont want cashier to know one of the price.

if this is not possible can we put constraint that if cashier change portion then give message and select the default poriotn

Wouldn’t the cashier be able to just do some simple math to figure that cost? How would you ever be able to hide it? I can’t figure out why. Maybe I’m not understanding you correctly.

lol ya can…but i could find an event that can tell if order has been selected

I’m sorry but you have me totally confused. What are you asking?

actually i am trying to figure out a way to how to handle the system process…what i am trying to do is define two different prices but cashier can only be able to see one price.

What would be the point?

i dont want cashier to know the cost price then any other suggestion

can i stop cashier from selecting a order line

Your not going to be able to prevent them from knowing it. They will be able to know so I don’t understand the point.

my idea was to restrain cahsier from selecting an order so that he is unable to change portion

Can you explain your business flow. Why do you want to do that? What are you trying to achieve.

What second price for? Is the second price anyone be able to ring it?

the business flow is to have two prices one for wholesale and other for retail. manager can only handle whole prices. cahsier can only add orders no other function like cancelling an order or chnage portion or selecting a modifer.

so i was thinking to put restriction on cashier that he is unable to select an order.

basically the scenario is that customer is dealing with two different currecny dollar and usd. dollar for retail and usd for wholesale. retail is being handle by cashier and wholesale by manager only. so i was trying to achieve simple solution for this kind of approach in v4

@Jesse can i use this approach for not letting an item to be sected

If it’s v5 why not just create a wholesale menu and a button to switch to it. Map that button to only manager access.

Surely we can think of a better flow than not letting cashier select item. That seems a bit extreme. You could create a special button that switches price list mapped only to manager and switch to wholesale prices and then switch back.

but in v5 also i the portion can be seen.

is there any way i can know if an order line is selected. if it is selected just deselect

I mean don’t use portion to handle price. Clone your products and create a wholesale menu without extra portions.

I’m not at my computer so my advice will be kind of limited.

if i clone menu how do i define two different price for same product and i am handling inventory for each product also

That feature I think is in next v5 update if I remember.

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lol i need suggestion for v4