Hide "Select ENTITY" button on Menu Screen

Hello again

Any clues or ideas on how can I hide the “Select ENTITY” button, ie, “Select Table” button on Menu screen? (I mean, the screen where you choose products and assign them to tickets) Are there a way to do that on V3 or V4?

Thanks in advanced.

Do you use Tables? If not then set Department to Create Entity instead of Select Entity. If you do use tables then with version 4 that is the only way you can use tables so it must be there. Version 5 we have other methods.

Version 3 is now 2 versions old. You likely will not get any answers about version 3 here most users here never even used version 3. You can try www.sambapos.org but you will find that its inactive because its such an older version.


Changing department setting to “Create Ticket” is not going to hide the Select Entity buttons.

You need to remove the Table Entity from the Ticket Type to make the button go away.

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