Highlight/Hover colour request

@emre Ive noticed when adding an auto command widget to an entity screen we have the option to select a colour to change the colour of the button when highlighted/pressed as shown below

In my example im hovering over the number 5 so it changes to the blue colour

Could we get this same formatting added to automation commands and to products in the edit product properties as shown below?


I wonder if the formatting that we can do for categories would work for products as well?

EDIT: Answer is no. I think something similar to this for Product Properties would be nice but instead of selected make it hover obviously selected would not be ideal since typically it does other things like opens order tags etc.

EDIT: However with touch screens the entire thing becomes moot lol.

I was thinking why hover lol, not just me

In every scenario and venue we are considering there will be at least 2 management terminals which are traditional workstations with keyboards & mice :slight_smile:

My other take would be include the feature for ‘Consistency’.

My thought was as well as it changing colour with mouse that on a touchscreen when you press the button it would change colour as you press it, like it does on the main samba login page on the keypad

@RickH I added <hover> tag to custom formatting tags for next update. You can hover everything…


@emre we :heart: You lol

Thanks very much :grinning:

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I think I will add hover to everything. Lol

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Me too haha every single button lol


I have downloaded the newest update.

How would you add the hover feature to the buttons? Would there be any lag?

Yep its just < hover > so < hover red > ect or use the # colour code etc just make sure to add the closing tag too </ hover>

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If I wanted to add to menu buttons, where do i add the tag to?

In the header column

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