[Hiring Dev] Share client balance between stores

Hi everyone - we use samba card to track client balances. We give them 12% back on purchases so each client is in the system as an entity and they have a balance / transaction data. We run multiple stores and of course the databases are not linked because this is not a good idea – I want a creative way to share that data between stores, just the client balance data. So if a client purchases at store one and accumulates $10 then I want that to reflect in the database at store 2.

Any ideas? We can pay for help. Thanks.

You cant at the moment, samba doesnt support multi site setup Yet

Yeah he mentioned in his post he knows multi branch isn’t available at the moment.

However it should be possible at the moment to implement a web based central database to store only the customer balances which all systems can query and update as necessary. That’s the solution I am recommending for this.

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GraphQL already has the ability to read Entities and Entity Custom data. This could easily be done with GraphQL.



Either of you available for this. I need this functionality and I am fine with paying. If not can you recommend a dev? I think this can be easy with a very basic remote database and a simple handler in sambapos to read and update the remote value.

Or @Jesse are you possibly interested?

Im interested, I have a working remote admin dashboard which retrieves and updates entity data after every trasnacation. PM me please.