Hold order printing for multiple tickets

Our retaurant often has multiple goups and individuals at one table that require different tickets. So at the moment we do the following:

  1. Select table number and indicate how many customers
  2. Select a customer for the ticket
  3. Select beverages and/or food items
  4. Close Ticket (this will then send order to kitchen and/or bar pending on order items)
  5. Click again on the table
  6. Create another ticket
  7. Select another customer
    8 Select beverages and/or food items
  8. Close Ticket (this will then send for this cutomer on same table the order to kitchen and/or bar pending on order items)
    10 this repeats until all tickets for that table created and order taker goes to next table

It is obvious that creating multiple tickets within a short time for one table that gets send to the kitchen, while another waiter may do the same at another table, creates a lot of printouts for printer and bar, also when adding orders, etc. I have been trying to figure out how to do this better, such as “holding” sending orders to kitchen and bar printers, but as newbie have not yet found a solution and hope that someone has similar needs and found one. Many thanks in advance for sharing if you do.

I have a hold ticket setup on my system however it would not allow printing of multiple separate tickets as a single printout in kitchen.
A hold setup isnt crazy complicated however you would need to be careful as it would involve interrupting the normal state flow of tickets which can lead to problems.
There have been other discussions of alternative methods for this type of senario including marking orders by head/seat inorder to facilitate streamlined ticket splitting when it comes to paying.

Thank you for the quick and clear respinse. I actually explored the per seat modifications and decided against them, one reason that some at the same table like a couple would pay the bill together (one ticket) while their friends may each need their own ticket. Using seats would complicate things more. I really wonder, also in relation to sub-tickets in mobile Android app, what the rational behind having more tickets per table is as it is clearly implemented in Sambapos V5. If implemented for reasons I describe above then there could likely be a possibility to create the sub-tickets with other customers on that tabe and send all for one table, ie only close after all ticket for table are created and sent to printers. Similarly would be for bill-printing as I have not figured out how the Android mobile client can be connected to a bluetooth printer for direct bill printing at a customer’s table (realize that this may be a separate question altogether.). Kind regards,

I have only seen one or two others question printing multiple tickets as a single print and am not aware of a solution as it stands.
Regards Android app I can’t really comment, I prefer an RDP solution or if must a Windows tablet as my main client has a complex setup which needs full interface to work well vs Android app which is not full feature of full program.
In regards Bluetooth printing this is unlikely, the app uses the message server/API to communicate with the database/server so print jobs’ are triggered from the server. Unless you could share the Bluetooth printer from tablet via network back to server…

Thank you, pity. As for Android app, although lots to like it is let down by the need for internet connection and inability to have a printer on the go, which for terrace service is nowadayas a game changer. I am trying the RDP solution as the main advantage of SambaPOS versus many cloud based ones is its ability to work fast and offline. I tried to install and get QMX to work but to no avail. I am stuck with RDP on windows 7 as one “hack” (RDPWrap) is blocked by Chrome for being “dangerous” and an older hack seems not to work to allow multiple RDP connections to a Windows 7 Ultimate 32 Bit server. Any advice welcome. We will only use 3 tablets…

3 USFF computers, not crazy expensive and cheaper than RDP server licence.

Sorry, maybe I am missing the point but seems those are desktop solutions while we need tablets for table order taking. We have 3 Android ones.

You said you were using RDP and issues with crack/patches. Legit alternative to patch would be USFF for each tablet. As said cheaper that RDP server licence.
Android app is not suitable for any of my main customers due to advance automation which wouldn’t work with app so never spent much time looking at app.

Not sure if I understand the recommendation. Should I purchase 3 USFF machines that each RDP to one Tablet and that have each Sambapos installed and connected to the server database?

That is my solution.
I got USFF Dell Optiplexes which I also use for bar terminals and office PCs at the hotels by the dozzen, up the RAM in some and switch to SSD also on some harder use ones.
The ones the tablets RDP to are in a small network canner out the way without a screen etc, just unit with network connection.