Hold Table Ticket

Table entity assigned but clicking the close button doesn’t allow the user to start a new ticket without settling the previous ticket. In a restaurant we cant lose the ticket until theyve ordered everything. From what I can see a user should be able to ‘hold’ the ticket without settling it when a table entity is assigned. What setting could affect this please? Stock v5.

Stock version 5 and version 4 both allow ticket close when table (Eintity) assigned so you must have changed the default configuration somehow. For us to help you we need to know what you changed.

There is not a single setting that turns this on or off. It’s a complex mix of States and automation with Entities. Let’s start by comparing your system to an unconfigured stock install.

It cant be stock and selecting a table and pressing close would submit the ticket and close it…
What have you changed?
Also FYI ‘Hold’ is probably not the best term, all your doing is closing the ticket, hold is a separate setup.

Thanks both, understood - all I have done is the latest version of the switch user customisation here; Switch Between Users (Not Entities)

It’s almost like the close button is disabled…

Show a screenshot of your close rule mapping. Also show us a ticket while logged in as administrator.

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Thanks for your help.

Mappings on close ticket rule are all set to *. All users are admins.

Hitting close does the log the user out, but when you log back in the ticket is still there. There is no option to create a new ticket. Logged in ticket screeenshot coming.

That ticket has been closed so how did you close it?

Ok sorry my mistake. How do I now create a new order though please without selecting an entity? This is a bar so very few orders would have entitys. If you log back in the closed ticket is redisplayed with no way out other than closing again (logout and loop) or settling. Change table seems to only reassign the table and no option to create a new ticket,

I thought your issue was when an entity is assigned?

Edit ok now we see your issue. It sounds like you blindly installed someone’s configuration without understanding how it works and now it’s not working how you need it too.

Well if no entitty is assigned then the ticket is never closed without settlement, so I should have made this clearer sorry. The problem occurs when an entity is assigned (table number) and the bar person is unable to then serve normal bar drinks while there is an open table - or a closed (but not settled) ticket on their ID.

Guessing you have not sorted the switch user setup to clear the ticket ID or to not remember the ticket if there is a table set…
So are you saying you can close but when you log back in to reopens the ticket?

Yes JTR exactly that. Logging back in under the same user ID just shows the previously closed ticket with no way out. I only installed this today so asssumed the switch user would be implemented in the latest version.

At the end of the day configuration files are user submitted and will not always be completely compatible 100% with other setups, it is hard to make something completely universal sue to the flexibility of Samba.
Will take a look at this file and see whats going on.
If this the ONLY think you have changed?

Hi, Thanks. Thats relevant yes. TBH I added a couple of payment accounts and a very basic automation command to shift cash between 2 accounts, but these 100% won’t be affecting ticket or user related states/entities/etc

EDIT: I see in the last post 1 day ago theres a mention of table numers… ours begin with a letter for the room followed by the table number (e.g. R20 (Restaurant 20) or O20 (Orangery 20)… the tutorial says something about just having 1-20 so maybe this it? I missed it as wasn’t in the main description.

For one this config task is using entities and guessing you dont have entities per staff name so not sure exactly how its even closing the ticket in the first place as you cant set an entity which doesnt exist,

Sorry, @GreatShakesBar but this config doesnt seem right to me;

Clearing the setting before closing…? No constraints

Kitchen print on command… whouldnt this be in ticket closing anyway?

Not sure whats going on here?
This is what will be recalling the ticket EVERY time.
Sure [=TN(’{ENTITY NAME:Tables}’)] on login is never going to match anything.

@JTRTech Not sure on any of the other points but part of the setup for this was to create a matching entity for each staff/username so we should be ok on that (I did do that - if you don’t then I quickly found that the switch user button just won’t do anything). I haven’t looked into the details and may have gone in a bit blind, but after a good bit of testing this tools file seems to work great. We don’t personally do kitchen prints so can’t advise on that either, but definitely we have the user entities bit done :slight_smile:

I have always (well until recently) used a basic ticket tag and program setting setup for switch user.

You will lean allot more building things yourself rather than just importing.
Its the same as many things not only do you lean but its easier to find your own mistakes over finding someone elses…

Except it’s not working great and causing you not to be able to create tickets :laughing: it appears JTR has found configuration mistakes in it that may be causing your problems.

This wouldn’t be needed if can create entity was set to true :wink:

You tag the ticket with the username, the tag allows it to be closed without an entity.
The program setting logs the ticket id.
You just need to put update program settings in the right places