Hold Table Ticket

These are correct …

Ensure an Entity (Customer or Table) is selected:

'{ENTITY NAME:Tables}' != " || '{ENTITY NAME:Customers}' != "

Ensure no Entity is selected:

'{ENTITY NAME:Tables}' == " && '{ENTITY NAME:Customers}' == "
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Thanks Q - can anyone confirm RE my last post about ‘display hold ticket’ and ‘display saved ticketid’. Are these the same or 2 seperate actions? If so I think I missing a screengrab of the latter.

Its the same action, display ticket and you give it the ticket id.

What happens when you login then, nothing?
Add a display message or ask question in the login rule to check the rule is fireing if the program setting is being save.
Put a setting tag for the ticket id in the message and will also reconfirm its calling the setting ok.

Weirdly on login you get taken to the manage screen, even though a department is set for the admin and bar staff roles. When you go to pos you get a new ticket. The last ticket is open in open tickets still though.

Main menu or manage/settings screen?
If manage/setting that is big clue something other than your constraints is wrong…

Yes straight to the main menu sorry. From there you click pos. Affects all users - a bit annoying to say the least. This started occuring when I installed the different su function declared earlier (which I couldn’t ever get working). I’ve reversed the tutorial though and stripped it all out prior to doing this rule.

OK, so show some screenshots?
Sorry, am not going to just make random guesses :stuck_out_tongue:

If main menu not needed take ‘can access main menu’ from the user roll.

Yes is needed to clear open tickets and end work period and print end of day report. What screenshots are best please?

Firstly proof the program setting is set ideally :wink:

Then of your login rule.