Hold ticket can't cancel

Ok… I have a another problem I have created a hold button but when I retrieve hold ticket back then it comes I but if i want to cancel the items or item from this ticket I can’t do that. Cancel button is stil active on the screen but when I click it the don’t delete item from the ticket.

You can try using Unlock Ticket action to release lock that set on orders.

Sorry to ask but how please

How to do that please

Sorry I misunderstood your question. You can’t delete orders after ticket gets saved. You can void them.

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How can I do that. When I retrieve hold ticket back void button is gray mean not active. How can I make it active and delete the whole ticket or some particular item from the ticket

Unlock ticket then use void.

Once a ticket is closed data is submitted to database and cannot be completely deleted, unlocking ticket should allow void.
If unlocked and void still disabled you may have altered the order status state flow.
Without more info or screenshots its hard to help.

Guessing from your other posts you probably broke default workflow while trying to rename buttons or order states for your language. When you rename states you should also rename related rules or button mappings. Check mappings for Void button to ensure it mapped to correct order states.

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How can I unlock the ticket please can u please describe the path or image to unlock the hold ticket please

I am just guessing… you have not given us much to work with. It is also possible you have completely crippled it by changing names of things like states but we cant be sure unless you share that information with us.

You can use the Unlock Ticket action with an automation command button. For mapping of the command button leave enabled empty do not put anything in that box.