Hold Ticket/Switch User with Shared Hold List

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Wow looks like there is serious automation there… Liked how you benefited from custom report tags.

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Think I need to revise with fresh db setup with full hold and switch config as got tricky trying to show setup without confusing things with other actions from hotel setup.
The custom report tag solved a niggle from origional setup which used a program setting to count tickets.
It even used the tag to decrease the origional users count if second user opened but thought it was getting out of sync somewhere but one of the girls managed to work out why it sometime said ticket on hold when no tickets held for user.
It turned out to be if started ticket, but canceled all and pressed switch user rather than close/logout as it still counted the hold but ticket wasn’t put on hold as was empty.
Was suprised she paid enough attention to pick up on that LOL
Either way the count hold state and user tag undermines that with a real time count :slight_smile:

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Once you how do retrieve the ticket when going back on the till on the same user rather then going on the shared hold list

Use a report expression to count unpaid tickets linked to user, if multiple do shared list if one use similar report to get Id for the one ticket.

@JTRTech The expression doesnt seem to work in the constraint of the action to fire the ask question in the login rule. This is what you use:

[=TN('{REPORT TICKET COUNT:TS.Status=Hold) AND (TT.Hold=[:UserName])}')] > 0

However even when there is a held ticket the ask question doesnt fire. If i remove that constraint the ask questions fires and works fine, can you see what is wrong with the constraint?

EDIT: Nevermind I found it :slight_smile:

Got it working good and finally incorporated the LOG IN user action. Instead of using a switch user button i use numberpad entered rule, so staff swipe card (which is their PIN) it activates the HOLD setup, logs out current user and then logs in automatically the new user that swiped their card

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@JTRTech fyi… I added UserName parameter to Display Ticket List action… for next update.


Can we get that added to the ticket lister widget settings so when the user navigates to the held order entity screen we can filter the held tickets that show on the widget to just those of the current user logged in?

@emre is there something i can put in this filter box so that it only shows the tickets from the current user?

You’ll be able to write an Expression like that on next update.

LastModifiedUserName = "{:CURRENTUSER}"

Brill cheers emre, i tried just putting the current user tag there and it crashed samba and i had to restore a backup as everytime i entered the entity screen it crashed oops :grinning:

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Yep I saw that. It also won’t crash but display an error message instead.

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Was just going to suggest that :grinning:

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This works perfect on latest update thanks @emre

If you follow the tutorial then your good. But to answer you it is in the second screenshot of the tutorial the user login rule. It is handled with the ask question action.

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This should be the command name from the blue ‘You have open tickets’ ask question.
The ask question does the command name and the buttons are the values, so it does different flow depending on which button is pressed.


I have been puzzling why multiple same or similar actions are used in one rule.
Multiple Actions 1

Multiple Actions 2

If I remember correctly those closed actions relate to other parts of my system and are not directly relevant to the switch/hold itself.
This was taken from an completed setup with many other parts setup.
They will be updating multiple order states but not ones related to hold.