Hopefully a Quckie Question - Re: Ticket Lister Filter

Sorry - that was something that I tried and didn’t change back when I made the backup… as it didn’t appear to make any difference what I changed the status to it always changed to ‘New / Preparing’ when I just wanted the merge tickets and the status to not change at all. Even if I deleted the rule it still changes to 'New / Preparing" ???

@windinghouse please clear current status values, try again and let me know your result.

@emre I apologise - cleared current status values and this now appears to be working :slight_smile: thank you for your help once again!

I’m almost getting there now! just a couple of other functions I need to get right if I get stuck I will post for help :smile:

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What syntax to use to filter only this current work period?
I use TicketDate is Today but still too many :wink:

Typically you would not filter Ticket Lister by this because you would not be showing finalized closed tickets here… is there a reason your wanting to show your finalized closed tickets? You may need to make a method to reset the State so the tickets do not continue to show on here once they are paid out. Or marked as done.

how can we add an OR expression in ORDER FILTER

i dont want to display drinks in kitchen screen and i have 3 groupcode. (beverages,fresh juices,misc)

this will answer ur question