Hot to add current logged in user as a ticket tag

I have successfully set up the tag but I dont know what to use for the current logged in user to be added as the tag.

My tag name is Staff then in the action I have used [:user] so in the rule i need to the correct format to display the current logged in user

i have tried numerous variations including {CURRENT USER} and whatever tags are shown in the ticket templates but i havent got any to work yet. {USERNAME} works but that just display my Samba account username, not the current logged in user to the POS so I know my rules and actions are working i just need to right format for current user logged in

Any ideas on the correct format?

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There may be an easier way but here’s one way to do it,
1.Update Program Setting on user log in to store log in name

2.use stored value to Update Ticket Tag when ticket opend

We already store current user name as a program setting and you can access it either {:CURRENTUSER} or {SETTING:CURRENTUSER} tag.