Hotel Management Check In and Check Out

I want to make a system for hotel rooms. My hotel has 10 rooms. I need to “Check In” the room at the customer’s entrance. The customer also eats during his stay. Customer checks out after 2 days stay. Now we have to “Check Out” which Samba will generate its bill in which there will be room accommodation charges and food bills. I request experts to provide me with a better guide or tutorial. Please

i am very thankful to you.

This is probably the most extensive in samba solution thats come up of forum…

However it doesn’t cover a final bill that is itemised. Since it uses accounts correctly and doesnt mess with preorders or changing ticket dates etc the final print would be an account statement. It may be losible to generate itemised bill from account statement but topic never went this far.

Solution that the hotels I maintain a system for use 3rd party cloud PMS as they handle online agents website bookings, etc etc.

This was my topic which covers whole process for that intergration.

Sorry I could not got solution from your post. I request you to please give me easy way. Thanks

You can pay the experts for the extensive work that is required and maybe you will get a better response. We do have an Ads category for it.


LOL, do you now.
Hate to break it to you, there isnt an easy way and no interest in spending any time redoing the in samba solution as its limited and was only a proof of concept. That topic covers the method for inhouse bookings and per booking accounts linked to room entities.
It doesnt cover any type of booking planner/availability, only inhouse, so an external PMS still needed. Might be posible but would be an extensive system that would unlikely scratch the surface of and half decent PMS system.

Id suggest you look at cloud based PMS systems which offer an API that allows charges to room account.
10 rooms is enough to want reasonable online booking system and OTA channel management which is never going to happen in samba without spending over the odds on developing a one off solution.

You want a cheap and dirty method look at preorder tickets and just use a continious ticket however you are unlikly to receive much support on a slap dash solution like that.