Hotel Management Setup for Small Hotel

Hello Experts in the field, I am relatively new to sambaPOS but I have been able to bring myself up to speed with using the software, automation and the likes, the challenge I have now is setting up a booking system on samba, I have been able to start with the various tutorials/guides I found on here, but the guides are not really concise, a lot of hows are missing, please I need urgent help to deploy, I especially need @-emre, @-davetrillo, @JTRTech to come to my rescue.

Payments to room accounts in the setup you PM about would have been create account transaction action.
It was a long time ago I did that setup and wouldnt be my preferred setup. Only useable for inhouse bookings. No planner/future bookings.
Id recommend a PMS with API which would allow fuller better integration.

also, everyones question are always urgent. claiming so wont get you quicker answers :wink:

But showing what you made already and how you want to proceed will give us more insight in how to help you to get where you want to be.

Thank you for your contribution and insights, but a tutorial on achieving what u did in the past would be a great help towards what I am trying to do, for instance, i dont know why the rule keeps asking the remaining question even after cancel button has been pressed…

Remaining question?
I dont have this DB anymore unfortunately.

Yes all other questions in the entity ask questions grid rules keeps popping up even after i have selected cancel on the first question, “this room is vacant do you want to proceed to booking?”

@foodville I think its best to reply to the actual post if you have any issues so its easier for others to follow and respond for quicker help. You can respond to an actual post with Action/Rule you are experiencing a challenge with and anyone looking at this can be looking at the actual setup rather than they come here read your reply and go to the post.

ok thanks for the pointer

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