Hotel Rooms (Entity?)


Thanks for the quick reply ill read through the forum to understand more about API’s



i tried to implement what JTRTech has done with the Hotel entity but i hit a snag,the rules part is tasking and i wasnt able to follow through.Waiting for samoa to try it then maybe i will get anew perspective of how things are supposed to follow


i want to revive this topic ,can someone help me with the way the rules are supposed to follow each other.I tried this but somehow didn’t manage .


I want to restart the whole setup from here,do you think its possible to create a module called PMS then we can rooms as entities,the same way we have the tables as entities.Then we can use state to determine which room is booked,clean,locked,untidy etc.
can we interface the entities with google calendar


Don’t understand what your asking.
If you could make a button on the nav screen go to the entity screen easily enough.
And rooms as an entity, that’s how it is setup, just a new entity type to go along with customer and tables and states like these were used already.


the essence is to create the room entities on their own,so we can have POS module to deal with the restaurant and PMS module to deal with the rooms.The issue though is how to distinguish between the two,how will i make the rooms entities appear on the pms module


What PMS module?
You need to elaborate.
Separate why? If you make a new entity type for rooms they can be in there own entity screens and have their own states.
On my NewBook PMS setup we use at the 3 hotels here I have it that way and scripts to link to our separate PMS.
They are not in a ‘module’ which I don’t really understand what you mean by. This means you can have room and table on a ticket, table while eating but room selected ready to charge to at the end.
Maybe you should look at that setup as you plan to use Google calenders you might set some ideas.

It’s a bit topic but lots of info in there;


i have tried implementing your setup JTRTech for sometime now but somehow i never get it right.If i may ask kindly,can you post how the rules somehow i miss out the parameters that are supposed to be passed by the rules,hence my set up never worked.I really need this setup but somehow i am not able to implement it


i will have to redo this setup and i will keep you posted each step all the way,i really need this


Are you fluent in automation command executed flow?
How values are passed between rules using execute command and command value?
The setup isn’t simple I’ll give you that and could probably be simpler if I redid it now I have more experience but haven’t got spare time to do this.
You really need to learn/understand if you intend to expand on this idea and link with Google calendars as if you don’t that will be near imposible.


How many rooms do you have? If it’s allot and you want to use OTAs you really would be better off with a propper cloud based PMS and intergeate like I did with NewBook.


i have 30 rooms,just offer bed and breakfast,we don’t have clients who book online we depends on walk in client.i want to implement what you have done i find it quite okay with our nature of business


Sorry guys to bring this issue up. Is there anyone who can export db tools for this whole setup. I have seen that it might be the solution for a client who has been asking for a similar setup. I would have gone through it setting up my system but at the moment I am a bit tied up so just looking for someone who has this.

Would really appreciate



This will not be able to just db export it contains lots of custom scripting etc.


Thanks for a quick response. I guess i will have to go through it all :slight_smile: and set it up.


This topic is not yet done ,If only JTR Tech would come show the screen shots of his Rules,Actions and Automation commands,then we could achieve what he did.


Extremely complex setup …


Q has a link to my PMS integration, the basic in samba solution is screenshot above on this topic, this method is pretty crude and doesnt give a typical checkout bill as I would have liked.


Q[quote=“JTRTech, post:160, topic:9854”]
Q has a link to my PMS integration

QMcKay you can kindly join us here we need to see the flow


Q posted the link to the newbook pms intergration and this topic has screenshots for the in samba very basic room accounts idea.