Hotel Rooms (Entity?)


I have managed to follow your illustration sir but i am not sure at which instance am supposed to press “<–”
As you can see from above screen shot i have included THE in every parameter,i guess this is the best option to do it .


The values put in the square brackets are erelivent so long as they don’t match any default rule variable value. All that is is a label for you to know what field is what in the rule.


You didn’t have to put “THE” its like JTR said

Since you already got the value in the rule then you did it correctly. So don’t worry about the <-- step.


Hi there,I want to revisit this topic because i have never managed to have this setup run in my facility.I think this time i will get it right. JTRtech kindly share how you executed the other rules to have it running on your facility.I have tried to execute what is shared here but unfortunately its like am missing out something.


According to my understanding this are the set of rules required.
1.Booking AdminEntityGridCommandStart
5.BookingAdmin-EntityGridAsk Question-Comfirmcheckout

I am not able able to move beyond the second rule


Ok, it’s been a long time since I did this setup.
Let’s work through it from the start, if you haven’t already I’d creat a show message or you could use ask question, add one in in stages do you can find exactly where the flow breaks/stops.
So add one in the start action with a message/question like start test, then work through to the point it’s not working.
Then show some screenshots.



These are the parameters for ask question rule


This is my booking admin entity grid rule


This is my print rule


This is my print entity action

This is my print transaction action


These are my actions for creating a booking command action rule

load entity action

Action to update room

Action to upload entity Data

Action to update entity state

Action to create booking entity

and the action to

Refresh widget


This is my rule CreateBookingCommandActionRule


i followed your tutorials, this is what i have done.Kindly let me know if i am following the right procedure in the mean time i will post the other screenshots once later.Any assistance from the team will be greatly appreciated


you can check my screenshot as per what you requested.I am just wondering how to pass some parameters within a rule.Some actions are used by many different rules.That means the parameters set within the action has to change.Kindly advice.


To set a parameter in an action that you can change in rules you enter this in the actions field [:parmaeter name]

it can be named anything but putting it in [:xxxx] brackets is what defines it as a parameter that you can set in the rule.

Whatever you name it will appear in the action as that name then the blank box to enter your data.


Hi JTRTech just wondering if you happen to have the database for this as I’m trying to install a Hotel POS using Samba 16 rooms and a Restaurant.



can somebody kindly share the database for hotel


No sorry it’s not a database I have readily available, also it’s not is it one that I would be happy to just share due to the complexity of some of the rules it’s one you really would be better to understand and make yourself else it ends up being more questions when something gets changed and breaks it that if you had learnt and done yourself.


Also would it be better to read through the forum? or is there a manual or script base data I can read? to fully understand scripting and commands?



Since this topic isnt based arround google calendar thats an odd request… Its even called Hotel Rooms (Entity)?.. Not google calander booking system…

Your with or you are a reseller in samoa? Just a username like samba_samoa sounds more like your the reseller not the client.

…yes the forum is the best place to learn.

no written manual, forum is the manual.