How can i add a open drawer button to bottom left

hi i am wondering if it is possible to add a open drawer button to the bottom left corner of sambapos, ideally next to the “keyboard” button.

i am the only person who has access to the tills, and constantly need to open the drawer to give staff money to go to the shops and buy low stock.
i have added a button to my order screen but that way i have to select a table and then open drawer.

please could you tell me if there is any possible way of doing it without having to open a table.


You cant add a button next to the keyboard button but you could either:

Map the open drawer button to an account screen so you would click the accounts button from the main menu, then the open drawer button

Or you could create a separate department that would show as a tab next to the keyboard button, you could add the open drawer button to only show on that department (no menu or anything so you would just have the open drawer button) and you could map that department to your user name. You would also set this department as create ticket instead on entity so you wouldnt need to open a table, it would bypass that step and go straight to the pos screen

Hope that helps

I have mine set to create ticket as default, then assign any entities (tables, customers etc) from the pos screen but im more of a retail setup so dont need to select a table

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