How can I automate increasing inventory when cooking a recipe

I would like to automate increasing my inventory when I cook a recipe. For example, I have the recipe for red sauce and that is used as an ingredient of another recipe.

I am planning to create the sauce as a product on the inventory and deduct it with order tags from the inventory but want it to be “purchased” when I cook the recipe and that will deduct the “basic” products like tomate, onion, etc.

Is there any way I can automate increasing in X amount the inventory for sauce? For now I tihnk cooking and adding manually to the sauce product will work but want to do it on a single step}



Only V5 has a feature for creating Inventory Products which consume Inventory Items, and very flexible mappings for Order Tags within the Recipes.

When an Inventory Product is used in a Recipe for a Menu Item Product, the “ingredients” for the Inventory Product are consumed when you sell that Menu Item.