How can I get the latest build with tweaks from a Restaurant owner to use

I am new to SambaPOS and so far I love it. I need minor help from someone that might have a tweaked build for my small restaurant looking to open in 3 weeks and searching for affordable reliable pos system, and this looks top notch so far

What features are you looking for?

Thanks for replying so quick. I am looking for Clock in for employees. Ability to swipe credit card on the units I would like to install the software on which is a SAM4S and a Micros WS5. If floor layout was available that would be a plus and last if inventory count down on items would be available that would be awesome. Example if at an item I have 5 available of a particular steak that it takes one off when I order it or send it to the kitchen. thanks in advance for your assistance.

All of that is doable except the card swipe. Right now it does not support integrated cc swipe payments.

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ok fair enough. now why is that? The source code has not been worked on? another question can this software be added to Android or IOS devices like tablets?

Well there is very good reason but instead of telling you wrong information it would be best if you search for previous discussions on this forum. Sambapos is worked on daily by the developer @Emre right now android or apple is not an option but in the near future it may be. We are working on some very interesting things in beta group.

Windows tablets all work with sambapos just fine and are more cost effective than apple and most android solutions.

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Also in this video # 17B around 23minutes to 36 minutes of the video, it explains how to add CC into the system with its source code: This is my friend Jason Brower owner of Oceanside software explaining it

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Do I need SQL express to install a tablet? and how many can I install to a main server? Will SQL express localdb run multi terminals? thanks for answering my questions. Im trying to set up table side ordering in the future if I can use this product for it. Thinking of two Main Terminals and 6 tablets. Oh Can the servers have their own unique logins for Tablets that will work on Main terminals saving their data from the tablets if they log into a terminal because the tablet is being used by someone else

LocalDB is for single terminal setups and does not support multi terminal however it can be upgraded to full SQL easily. For multi terminal you need to use SQL Express and it supports unlimited terminals.

SambaPOS logins are unique and it works across the entire database so it does not matter what terminal is being used.

ok so with SQL Express Multiple terminals will be insync or no? meaning the same info will be seen across the board no matter where you log in?

All transaction data is stored in the single database and each terminal will connect to that single point of data so yes everything is shared. Version 5 has a 500 ticket unlimited trial. I recommend you download it and follow a few tutorials from the V5 Tutorials category on this forum. Try it out and decide for yourself.

The tutorials section of this forum is a wonderful resource and offer many differing configuration ideas.

Wow awesome!!! I love this software. Do you program for a fee?

I would love to do this but I simply do not have the time. If you want to hire professionals to help you design your system you can place an ad in the Ads category on this forum. There are a few very professional members of this community that typically will help you out for a fee.

Before you do that though if you have the time check our the Tutorials section and feel free to ask questions this community is extremely active. Also because of how active the community is many of your questions have probably been answered already. An awesome resource is the forum search in upper right next to your profile pic.

Nice!! Thanks Kendash. So after the 500 tickets on V5 I just buy the License for $100 and that’s it? or do I need to buy two licenses if I want two terminals?

The license fee is for one database and it supports unlimited terminals for that database. You can transfer it to different databases but its one license per database. After 500 tickets it continues to work just fine but it will display popups reminding you to purchase license.

Example if you have a single venue that has 15 terminals its only $100 and it supports all 15 terminals… if you have 2 venues with 15 terminals each it would be $200, 1 license per database.

alright. Thank you. Have a great evening. thank you for answering my questions. take a look at the video link I sent. It might be the key to adding CC’s in the future

Its not reallly a matter of know how or ability to do it. its more of trying to find a solution that works for everybody. SambaPOS is world wide and as a result not all solutions work well for every country or venue.

PS: I am looking at that payment service it looks like its USA based and since I am in USA I may be interested.

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Can the Floor plan be included or only table numbers?

You can create your own custom layout for tables including your own graphics. There is also a Layout mode for Entity Screens that allow dynamic resizing for various terminal screen sizes.

Great resource is also the v5 features compilation. Its LONG and filled with technical terms but its a wonderful resource.


This is very good resource too although its not complete. This was our attempt at a wiki based central place for documenting features.

Unfortunately the community didnt contribute much to it however the forum is a wealth of contribution.

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