How can I get the latest build with tweaks from a Restaurant owner to use

Do I need SQL express to install a tablet? and how many can I install to a main server? Will SQL express localdb run multi terminals? thanks for answering my questions. Im trying to set up table side ordering in the future if I can use this product for it. Thinking of two Main Terminals and 6 tablets. Oh Can the servers have their own unique logins for Tablets that will work on Main terminals saving their data from the tablets if they log into a terminal because the tablet is being used by someone else

LocalDB is for single terminal setups and does not support multi terminal however it can be upgraded to full SQL easily. For multi terminal you need to use SQL Express and it supports unlimited terminals.

SambaPOS logins are unique and it works across the entire database so it does not matter what terminal is being used.

ok so with SQL Express Multiple terminals will be insync or no? meaning the same info will be seen across the board no matter where you log in?

All transaction data is stored in the single database and each terminal will connect to that single point of data so yes everything is shared. Version 5 has a 500 ticket unlimited trial. I recommend you download it and follow a few tutorials from the V5 Tutorials category on this forum. Try it out and decide for yourself.

The tutorials section of this forum is a wonderful resource and offer many differing configuration ideas.

Wow awesome!!! I love this software. Do you program for a fee?

I would love to do this but I simply do not have the time. If you want to hire professionals to help you design your system you can place an ad in the Ads category on this forum. There are a few very professional members of this community that typically will help you out for a fee.

Before you do that though if you have the time check our the Tutorials section and feel free to ask questions this community is extremely active. Also because of how active the community is many of your questions have probably been answered already. An awesome resource is the forum search in upper right next to your profile pic.

Nice!! Thanks Kendash. So after the 500 tickets on V5 I just buy the License for $100 and that’s it? or do I need to buy two licenses if I want two terminals?

The license fee is for one database and it supports unlimited terminals for that database. You can transfer it to different databases but its one license per database. After 500 tickets it continues to work just fine but it will display popups reminding you to purchase license.

Example if you have a single venue that has 15 terminals its only $100 and it supports all 15 terminals… if you have 2 venues with 15 terminals each it would be $200, 1 license per database.

alright. Thank you. Have a great evening. thank you for answering my questions. take a look at the video link I sent. It might be the key to adding CC’s in the future

Its not reallly a matter of know how or ability to do it. its more of trying to find a solution that works for everybody. SambaPOS is world wide and as a result not all solutions work well for every country or venue.

PS: I am looking at that payment service it looks like its USA based and since I am in USA I may be interested.

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Can the Floor plan be included or only table numbers?

You can create your own custom layout for tables including your own graphics. There is also a Layout mode for Entity Screens that allow dynamic resizing for various terminal screen sizes.

Great resource is also the v5 features compilation. Its LONG and filled with technical terms but its a wonderful resource.


This is very good resource too although its not complete. This was our attempt at a wiki based central place for documenting features.

Unfortunately the community didnt contribute much to it however the forum is a wealth of contribution.

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Would your friend be interested to create credit card integration for SambaPOS? We have many people that use SambaPOS in US. We can create a new post to see how many people are interested.

He should contact Emre and offer credit card module as a paid option.

I will be the first one to buy as long as we can choose our own processors

Best Regards

I had a look at that video All it shows is how one particular POS software allows EFTPOS integration to be setup.


The Card processing has come up many times.
The key thing like kendash said is emre wont just add a hardcoded feature for one provider for one country given the global use of the software.
He would prefer to give us the ability for us to integrate with our own provider.

Could it be done right now… yes in one way or another im sure you could make a script to chagre a credit card say through paypal pro gateway if you had a merchant account, it could most likely be done… would it be legitimate is the question… PCI compliance etc is such a minefield. I would expect swiping a card with a magswipe and scripting it to paypal gateway as it it was a website transaction (although you probably need address/postcode) is undoubtedly against the T&C.

This is why I was going to try and use a dedicated pin terminal given by a provider which offered a way to integrate with the terminal. (Plus in UK your meant to use chip and pin for over the counter sales.

Other software’s have integrations but will usually be with their preferred provider and they probably get some cut on a inflated price vs there usual charges for the privilege of having integrated system.

A solution will come.

See I am in the process of setting up a merchant account with my own individual merchant number. Most so called merchants like Square, Payanywhere don’t set you up as a Merchant. But I found out that Phone Swipe does Unlike most mobile processing services, Phone Swipe will set you up with your own merchant account. I’m not sure how they do this without charging a monthly fee, but I generally view this as a good thing. This type of processing tends to have better stability than aggregated processing. Merchant accounts are of course provided through NAB, who uses Global Direct as their processor.

Want to know the secret behind Square’s payment processing? It’s a rarely discussed bit of industry knowledge. When I started reviewing mobile processors, I had to wonder how the heck services like Square could possibly set up merchant accounts so fast with no setup fee and no monthly fees, and why they had so many pitfalls as well. What I found surprised me: They don’t actually set up merchant accounts. There are essentially two types of mobile payment processors and service providers out there:

Payment Service Providers or PSPs (Merchant Aggregators)
Standard Merchant Account Providers (Standard Providers)
This is an incredibly important distinction to make, and one that few providers are willing to go through the trouble of explaining. In 2011 Visa expanded and redefined its Internet Payment Service Provider (IPSP) model to include sales to traditional merchants. Thus, the classification was renamed simply Payment Service Provider (PSP). Providers like PayPal had been aggregating Internet payment service for years. But bringing that same model to physical sales – that was a novel service. MasterCard also uses the term Payment Service Provider, but Discover uses Payment Facilitator to mean the same thing. So – what’s the difference? They are the same just different way of calling it but with a merchant account I believe will be easier to integrate the source code/ script to take cards with a magswipe. I am looking for someone to actually put in the system in my Hardware in this fashion. Any clues? I would ship even to the UK to get this done. Once I get one done I can piggyback off the other terminals.

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I will get in contact with him tomorrow. It will definetely benefit the community.

Great. Thank you. Keep us posted.

You have allot of jargon there with actually applying it to real life.

So do the give you a terminal/swipe reader or do you link to them directly via API?