How can I keep accounts for employee?

In my restaurant I never entry costing of a item in Samba POS. I give the facility for my employees to take food with a special price which is predefined. Now I have to keep the individual employee’s accounts manually. Now I want to keep this account in my POS. How its possible, I am not sure.

Anybody can give me the solution please?

By account you want to allow employee to pay at later date?
Create them an entity each and click the create.account on edit entity screen, add entity to ticket and on payment screen charge to account

Yes! It’ll be paid later. Now can you brief the steps please?

Those are the steps He gave above

I tried my best. But I couldn’t do this properly. So I need your help to guide me. here I uploaded the screen shot for your understanding.


Please help to finish this.

You need to set account name template

where can I set this?

In your screenshot. LoL
Compair it to customer entity which will have a default template.